I'm not here to entertain you, Mr. motherfucker!
Прочитал Ranger Dawning до конца. Потрясающе написанная книга - чудесный экшен, нерасписанные, но видимые, ощущаемые переживания героев. И, что больше всего меня поразило, книга невероятно добрая. Она начинается со сцены спарринга героя с его сослуживцем по космофлоту Земли и заканчивается тем, как герой, ставший рэйнжером, видит старого друга среди новобранцев. И приглядывает за героем мудрый лидер рэйнджеров, такой понимающий и человечный... История об осознанном выборе и забытой ненависти, о долге, доверии и упорстве. Душевная история.

Обрывки клятвы рэйнджеров я пронес в своей памяти через годы. Какая же она красивая...

I am a Ranger. There is a darkness in the universe. I am the light that seeks out every place that the shadow might hide. I burn brightly when there is need for light and I dim when there is cause to remain unseen. The stars have called and I have answered. There are forces moving amongst them that cannot be allowed to rally. I have been called and I have answered. The minions of the darkness can be given no rest and no safe places to hide. I have been called and still I answer. The shadows will consume me if I venture too close but if I do not bring the light to them, none will survive. I am called to my destiny and I will forever answer.
The night is dark, the road is long and the way is filled with danger. The path I walk, I walk alone. I will make my way to the end because the road leads to salvation. If I falter, all will falter. If I fail, all hope is lost. I will not fall; surrender is not an option. I am a Ranger. I come together with my brothers and my sisters in the places of light. I come to the place between the candle and the star. I stand in the gate between faith and nightmares. I am the guardian. We are the sentinels. Together we will not rest until no shadow falls. I take my garb from the hand of providence. I take my staff with the oath never to use it in anger. I take the faith of my masters in the hope that they are never given reason to question it. I will remain forever true, forever Anla’shok.
I venture into the stars to seek my fate. I search now for the signs unhallowed. I know in my heart that I may never return but I venture forth without fear. There is nothing to be afraid of in the dark places of the universe. I will serve without question because that is what I do. If death comes I will fight with the strength of the light. The darkness may claim me but I will not fade without resistance. In my final moments my foes will pay a dear price for my life. We are Rangers. We live for the One. We die for the One. We know that every moment we exist is a gift we must earn anew each day. If we must relinquish this life that others may live, we do so without hesitation. We go to the dark places where no one else dares venture. We are explorers that show the way between uncaring stars, charting the course that others may follow when it is their time to pass. We are the guards, the keepers, the seekers and the warders. We never waver in our vigilance and on our watch there is no shadow that can slip beyond our notice. We stand on the bridge between history and the future, allowing no darkness to pass.’
I am a Ranger. Anla’shok tulat. Entil’zha Veni.

Один из навечно запечатленных в моей памяти моментов, когда я и человек, которого я любил, поднесли ладони к огню, зажженному в полумраке.
- Мы стоим между пламенем свечи...
- ...и светом звезды
взгляд глаза в глаза и голоса, ставшие продолжением друг друга.

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